Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service (FICB PS) in the Area of Border Management, Community Policing and Fight against Organized Crime

The project "Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service (FICB PS) in the Area of Border Management, Community Policing and Fight against Organized Crime", started in December 2014, is a European Union funded project through the pre-accession IPA program.

The project’s support to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) aims to contribute to the tailored capacity building to achieve sustainability in the context of the overall police reform in the beneficiary country, and is the most comprehensive project ever implemented in this area, covering all organizational units of the Public Security Bureau.

The main goals of the project refer to four strategic components:

  • To strengthen the operational capacities of the Border Police in the fight against different types of cross-border crime, especially illegal trafficking;
  • To develop the capacities of the Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime Department for secure and efficient handling of classified information and fight against organized crime, as well as for organized crime threat assessment;
  • To enhance the capacities of the Police for fight against financial and cyber-crime;
  • To develop skills of the Uniformed Police of General and Traffic Competencies for efficient and effective daily policing, as well as to develop anti-corruption standards within different police branches in the Ministry of Interior.

A significant element, incorporated in project objectives, is further implementation of the Community policing concept in the daily policing of all police branches, which leads to closer relation between the Police and the citizens and strengthening of the mutual trust.

The FICB PS project also includes extensive training curricula in line with the EU and international best practices and standards. During the implementation of the project one study visit to an EU country will be organized in order to provide practical knowledge for the MoI staff about the functioning of the appropriate/similar organizational units and services.

In a wider context, the project will support the reform process of the Ministry of Interior with approximation of the European standards through establishment of a police organization oriented towards affirmation of social values in function of the citizens, enabling improvement of the quality of living, protection of rights and providing peace and harmony among all citizens of the country.

The FICB PS project is implemented by Business & Strategies (B&S) Europe Consortium.

About Our Consortium

B&S Europe as the leading implementing agent brings on board its consortium partners Coffey and GOPA Consultants, and the external support of the Italian Arma dei Carabinieri - each with specific expertise and competence that ensures successful implementation at all stages of the project. The quality of the partnership and the synergies created are rooted in past cooperation, at institutional as well as personal level among managers. The coordinated work of the implementing consortium envisages clear division of tasks and responsibilities throughout project implementation, ensuring commitment and full participation in all of the project activities.

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