General and Traffic Police

Strengthening the capacity of the uniformed police of general competencies and traffic affairs

One of the most important activities within the FICB PS project is the analysis of the existing strategies in the area of home affairs and preparation of new Police Development Strategy and Action Plan, which would have to be achieved by the Public Security Bureau in the next 5 years. The strategy will implement Community Policing and Intelligence-led policing with special focus on problem solving approach, and it will advocate full implementation of Integrated Border Management (IBM) and possible elements from the Schengen Information System (SIS) in order to be up-to-date.

This component of the project also envisages preparation of Assessment report and Anticorruption program for the police of general competencies and traffic affairs in line with the overall MoI Anticorruption program. Hence, the role of Prevention Sector and Sector for Internal Control and Professional Standards, for prevention and punishment of officers’ corruptive behavior, will be enhanced.

The project will also focus on preparation of recommendations for operational planning of the police activities in the field, along with a Handbook that will develop standards for additional police security services on public gatherings, manifestations and sports events. This component includes a development of procedure for use of audio-video recordings during execution of police powers.

Following the training needs assessment, comprehensive curricula will be developed for:

• Trainings for managerial staff in all sectors for internal affairs on operational planning, management and leadership styles;

• Trainings for maintaining public peace and order including re-establishment of violated public peace and order;

• Trainings on further implementation on the Community Policing concept in compliance with the best European practices;

• Trainings on handling domestic violence;

• Trainings for performing control of digital tachographs in cargo and other vehicles;

• Trainings for performing an insight of traffic accidents in which vehicles transporting dangerous material are involved (explosives, flammable, poisonous etc), as well as accidents in which escort vehicles are involved;

• Trainings for control of the technical condition of the vehicles (steering control unit, brakes, light signal devices etc).


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