Organized and Serious Crime

Development of the capacities of the Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime Department.

The FICB PS project aims to assist the Ministry of Interior to improve the capacities for organized crime threat assessment, and will develop standards and procedures for administrative, physical and IT safety of the information and data being used, created and processed in the Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime Department (SOSCD).

The project’s team of experts is tasked to prepare an assessment report and anticorruption programme for the Department, in line with the overall Ministry of Interior Anticorruption Strategy. In this regard, a specific attention will be put on development of anticorruption culture among the SOSCD staff.

Methodology for drafting serious and organized crime threat assessment on strategic level, as well as curricula for training SOSCD staff in charge of preparation of assessments is one of the specific objectives of this project.

Regarding the security of classified information, the project team is working on analysis of the existing legal framework and preparation of amendments or new legal acts which will provide complete safety of the classified information in accordance with the best European practices. Recommendations for secure flow and efficient exchange of classified information in real time, among the central, regional and local level, along with management of archived information, will also be prepared.

It is expected that these actions will substantially contribute to increase the quality of work of SOSCD and to more efficient fight against organized crime.


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