EU Delegation and Project Team Discuss Final Draft of the Police Development Strategy

The final draft of the Police Development Strategy was presented by the FICB PS project's key experts to the representatives of the European Union Delegation in Skopje in charge of cooperation, home affairs and institution building.

The meeting provided the opportunity to discuss the methodology used for the Strategy’s development, the objectives incorporated in the six strategic areas and the Action plan for its implementation.

Crime detection and investigation, finance and support units, Border Police structure, transparency and democratic policing, efficient use of resources, and international and national cooperation, constitute the six strategic pillars that the new Police Development Strategy addresses with practical solutions for improvement.

“Continuous in-service training for police officers of all profiles is one of the most important elements that need better structuring and serious attention. So far, training has been mainly initiated by international organizations on an ad hoc basis, lacking evaluation of the effect of the training programs and feeling of ownership. Education and training should be part of the daily policing and a basis for professional promotion in the police service, while the ad-hoc approach should be replaced with institutionalized training programs,” explained project’s Team-leader Mr. Aleksander Krebl.

One of the major detected problems within the Public Security Bureau is the outdated IT system which prevents effectiveness of the interoperability and cooperation with other agencies and institutions, like the Public Prosecution Office.

The Police Development Strategy presents an opportunity to address some longstanding issues within the Public Security Bureau. At the same time, the PDS gives suggestions for improved resource management with increase in quality instead of quantity, following the principals of sound financial management and avoidance of duplication of services.

The implementation of the new Police Development Strategy is envisaged for the period 2016-2020, while its official public promotion is scheduled for mid-December.

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