Cascade Training for Insight in Traffic Accidents to Reach 300 Police Officers Throughout the Country

In the course of three consecutive weeks the 31 police officers that attended the initial training for trainers, have been conveying the knowledge on performing insight in traffic accidents to their teams in all the regional Sectors for Internal Affairs. These cascade trainings have started on 16 of November in Ohrid and will be rounded up on 4 of December in Kavadarci.

Traffic and forensic police officers have been upgrading their skills, methods and techniques for performing insight in traffic accidents in line with the best European practices.

The training incorporates several elements, including procedures for performing insight in staged traffic accidents, which requires additional investigation and securing of evidence that will prove the fraud and will be irrefutable at court. Police officers are also getting acquainted with the most common reasons for conduction staged accident’s fraud, like revenge, financial gains or acts of organized criminal group.  

In cases when the police confront hit-and-run accidents, the procedure for insight is similar to the one of regular accidents, complemented with the need to find the vehicle and the driver that fled the scene, which requires prompt action to prevent loss of trails and evidence. In this segment police officers learn how to determine the real reasons for abandoning the scene of the accident, because very often the driver might be taken to the hospital, or be in a state of shock.   

The training also includes procedures for insight in traffic accidents that involve escort vehicles and vehicles transporting hazardous substances – explosive, flammable, oxidizing, poisonous, radioactive, etc., according to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Good by Road (ADR).  

With regards to digital forensics, part of the training focuses on innovative tools as the Event Data Recorder (EDR) system, a device developed in 2013 that is being installed in the vehicles to record technical data and information on the driver’s reaction shortly before the accident, during and after the crash. In the future, the EDR system will allow precision in determining the reasons for the traffic accidents, as well as easier detection of frauds in cases with staged accidents.

The cascade trainings are being conducted under the supervision of the experienced trainers from Slovenia, Mr. Tine Prevec and Mr. Rajko Simsic, and upon conclusion will result with over 300 police officers trained in line with the best present-day practices.

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