Project Teams-up with UNDP to Develop Training for Domestic Violence Response for Police Officers

Representatives of both EU funded project for "Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service" and UNDP’s project for "Preventing Domestic and Gender Based Violence" gathered to discuss what has been done so far in the area of domestic violence training for police officers, what are the current needs and grounds for cooperation in the future.

One of the trainings envisaged for 2016 in frames of the FICB PS project focuses particularly on increasing police officers’ capacities for efficient handling of domestic violence. The training will specifically target uniformed police and domestic violence inspectors from all Sectors for Internal Affairs around the country that come in direct contact with domestic violence victims and perpetrators, but will also include investigators from the Forensic Department.  

"Considering the sensitive nature of the subject, along with the training we are also aiming to upgrade and improve the Standard Operating Procedures for responding to and processing domestic violence cases, which will provide clear and concise step by step directions for the police officers working in the field. One of the elements of the training will focus on sensitizing police officers on the issue of gender based violence," – highlighted FICB PS project’s team-leader, Aleksander Krebl.

In developing the training curriculum, the project team will follow a holistic approach and, besides UNDP, will coordinate with all relevant stakeholders, including the Center for Social Affairs, Public Prosecutors, doctors and representatives of civil society organizations working on prevention and protection of domestic violence victims.

UNDP has been working on strengthening the national response to domestic violence since 2009, with an overall objective to increase the accountability and transparency of the three branches of government: the executive, the legislative and the judicial to improve the legal services for victims of domestic violence.

It has been concluded that the two projects can add up to each other’s efforts for improving police officers’ response to reported cases of domestic violence by joining and exchanging experience and expertise. In the first phase of cooperation, a multi-sectoral working group will be formed that will work on upgrading and improving the Standard Operating Procedures for handling cases of domestic violence. 


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