Police Development Strategy Envisions Building of Modern Police in Service of the Citizens

The Police Development Strategy 2016-2020, one of the key documents produced within the FICB PS project, was officially presented to the public today at the EU InfoCentre. The Strategy identifies the needs and potentials, and defines the development priorities of the Public Security Bureau for the next five years.

According to the Minister of Interior, Mr. Oliver Spasovski this strategic document presents a long-term development vision, the focus of which is put on practical implementation and achieving optimum results.

“The Police is a supporting pillar of the security, peace and wellbeing of our society. Therefore, our shared goal is building of a Police Service oriented towards affirmation of social values and in service of the citizens. A Police that will enable better quality of living, protection of rights, and peace and harmony for all citizens,” underlined Minister Spasovski.

The Strategy envisions development of a proactive model of policing, simplification of the organizational structure and advancement of the work methodology, compatible with the best European police practices, with the purpose of more efficient usage of resources based on sound financial management.

Accordingly, the PDS is grounded on four main pillars: resource management, community policing, process excellence, and learning and growth. Its implementation will be regulated with an Action Plan including breakdown of necessary financial means for realization of the goals set.

“The European Union has been engaged in supporting this reform since 2002 and our support will continue. The EU concept of modern police means public service. That includes the traditional functions of preventing, detecting and combating crime, preserving public peace and order, and enforcing law, but also protecting human rights,” said Mr. Lukas Holub, Head of Political, Justice and Home Affairs at the Delegation of the European Union.   

“This comprehensive project articulates in four components, comprising altogether thirty-seven activities and thirty-two specific objectives. In the first twelve months of project implementation we have focused on analysis, needs assessment and strategic planning, with successful results. The Police Development Strategy is not a self-standing document, but the result of a knowledge gathering process and a guidance for future development of the police in the country”, pointed out the B&S Europe’s Project Director, Andrea D’Angelo.

The Strategy is divided into eight strategic objectives that focus on modernization of crimes investigation, finance and support units, border police, transparency and democratic policing, effective use of resources, national and international cooperation. These strategic goals were presented in detail by the project’s team-leader Mr. Aleksander Krebl.

“In order to get the opinion of the police from different perspectives, more than 100 meetings were organized at the central, regional and local level, using an Assurance Quality Mechanism. In addition, 12 SWOT analyses were conducted  with the members of Sector of Internal Affairs management staff and the Regional Centers for Border Affairs in order to define the required activities for improvement of the strengths, to eliminate the weaknesses, to use the opportunities and to prevent threats from occurring or to minimize their influence,” He highlighted Mr. Krebl.

The mission of the Police Development Strategy is the development and strengthening of proactive policing model which will provide a higher level of protection of life, property and personal security of citizens, as well as rapid and effective police response to all possible challenges.

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