Training for Border Police on Risk Analysis and the new Risk Management Concept

A well-functioning border security system in compliance with the EU/Schengen requirements is one of the preconditions of the country’s EU integration process. The European Council put forward the central role of Risk Analysis and highlighted the importance of creating an integrated Risk Analysis Model on which the Integrated Border Management will be based. Hence, one of the FICB PS project’s goals was set to deliver high quality training for efficient border management compliant with EU standards. 

In line with this objective, from 7 to 11 March 2016 an intensive training on Risk Analysis in the area of border control and the new Risk Management Concept took place in the Police Training Center in Idrizovo. 

The training was conducted by two highly experienced practitioners and instructors, Mr. Darjo Cizel from Slovenia and Mr. Giedrius Strikulis from Lithuania, both with over 10 years of experience in the area of risk analysis for border management and control.

“The safety of our borders is ultimately dependent on accurate risk analysis, and therefore it is crucially important to maintain high standards and quality in performing this task on a daily basis. This training will bring broader theoretical, but most importantly expanded practical knowledge to the border police officers,” highlighted Mr. Darjo Cizel.     

Total of 12 police officers and analysts from the Border Police, at both central and regional level, mobile border police units, the National Coordination Centre for Border Management, and the Criminal Intelligence and Analysis Sector, were trained to become trainers on Risk Analysis and Risk Management.

“The primary objective of this training is, firstly, to increase the existing experience of the border police officers in the field of risk analysis, as well as to provide insights into the New Risk Management Concept that has been developed in line with the best EU practices in this area. Unique feature of this training is that it’s performed in a way that current trainees would become future trainers. This approach will allow for both sustainability and continuity.” said Mr. Giedrius Strikulis.

Certificates for successful completion of the Training of trainers were presented by project's Team Leader Mr. Aleksander Krebl.   

In the course of this week cascade trainings will take place in four Border Police regional centers - Skopje, Ohrid, Kavadarci and Delcevo, that will be conducted by the trained police officers under the guidance and with the support of the two internationals experts. Subsequently, in future on-the-job trainings for border police officers will be organized on a regular basis.

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