Practical Exercise for Use of “Stinger” Spike System Concludes the Training for Vehicles Control in Traffic

The training for vehicles control in traffic, organized in frames of the FICB PS project, was completed today in the Police Training Center in Idrizovo with a practical hands-on exercise for application of the “Stinger” spike system for deflating tires of fleeing vehicle. The Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Oliver Spasovski and the Head of Cooperation at the EU Office Mr. Martin Klaucke were present at the exercise, together with over 100 students who attend basic police training, as well as those studying at the Faculty of Security in Skopje.

The “Stinger” spike system is used by law enforcement officers worldwide to control the situation in traffic by stopping fleeing vehicles effectively, reliably and safely.

“The 32 police officers who attended the five-days training, come from the Sector for Traffic Affairs at the Public Security Bureau, the Mobile Traffic Units and the eight regional Sectors for Internal Affairs (SVR). They have acquired Certificates as trainers and by using the cascade approach will pass on their knowledge for safe stopping and control of vehicles to their colleagues,” underlined project’s Team Leader, Mr. Aleksander Krebl.  

He also added that today’s “Stinger” exercise was only one segment of the training, that also included management of risks related to selecting location for vehicle control and safe approach to stopped vehicles, primarily regarding the safety of the officers themselves, but also their capability to detect potential fleeing offenders.

The aims and transparency of the police work in the area of traffic control, police powers and citizen’s rights in police procedures, as well as the current legislation related to traffic safety and vehicle control were also discussed during the training sessions. Another important element referred to instructions on the use of the mobile radar and video recording system “ProVida”.

“This project, funded by the EU, has a mission to bring our Ministry and Police closer to the European standards, and assist the process of building a relationship between the police and the citizens based on mutual trust. I offer my full support to the project’s goals and its successful implementation,” said Interior Minister, Mr. Oliver Spasovski.

One of the requirements for full-fledged EU membership is for the country to meet European standards in traffic safety. With this activity, the EU funded project for “Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service” is actively assisting the Public Security Bureau in reaching this goal.

The training was conducted by an experienced trainer and police officer from Slovenia, Mr. Tine Prevec.

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