Training for Efficient Border Patrolling to Enhance Border Police Officer's Skills to Detect and Investigate Crimes

Strengthening the capacities of the Border Police for efficient border patrolling is one of the key objectives of the EU funded “Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service” project. Considering the current state of affairs and recent developments with regards to migration and management of refugees flow, strong and well organized Border Police is of crucial importance for the safety of the borders and the well-being of the society.   

Having all this in sight, FICB PS project’s team has seized the momentum and delivered a five-days training of trainers for Efficient Border Patrolling, including 25 appointed representatives of the Border Police from central and regional level. The training took place last week in Ohrid. 

The experienced trainer, Senior Police Officer from Hungary, Mr. Miklós Pék, together with project’s key expert for border policing Mr. Peter Dietz, put the emphasis of the training on enhanced use of available resources, and more systematic use of information, advanced technologies and risk analysis methodology. Improving Border Police’s efficiency on counter trafficking by presenting EU practices in law enforcement cooperation was a also in focus of the training, along with the advanced techniques for profiling of the persons crossing the border, checking their means of transport and other property in their possession.

Border control comprises checking of persons at border crossing points and surveillance between these points, but also an accurate analysis of the risks and threats that may affect the security of external borders and the internal security of the country. Therefore, the quality of border policing is measured by the number of detected, reported and investigated border related crime activities, which are dependable to a great extent on the transfer of skills and knowledge.   

“This type of trainings should become an integral part of the functioning of the Border Police and should be systematically organized on a regular basis in order to attain high professionalism and upgraded skills of the border police officers, in line with EU standards and security requirements. Our project team is employing all its expertise to assist the Public Security Bureau in achieving this goal,” highlighted FICB PS project’s team leader Mr. Aleksander Krebl during the Certificates awarding ceremony in Ohrid.

According to the practice established in frames of the project, the transfer of knowledge will continue with cascade trainings, wherein the trained Border Police officers will convey the knowledge to their colleagues.

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