Border Police Officers Trained in Detecting and Handling Cases of Trafficking in Human Beings

In recent decades public attention has been increasingly focused on trafficking in persons, which is serious violation of Human Rights and surely one of the most worrying phenomena of the 21st century. Recent developments with Europe’s migration and refugee crisis have doubled the risks of increased cases of smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings.

With regard to this matter, the EU funded project for “Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service” organized training for the Border Police on the topic of “Smuggling Migrants and Trafficking in Human Beings”, that took place in the Training Center in Idrizovo from 18 to 22 April, 2016. As per the practice established, the initial Training of Trainers will continue with cascade trainings to cover all Regional Centers for Border Affairs and Migration, and all Police Stations for Border Checks and Surveillance throughout the country.

The training aims to broaden police officer’s understanding on the concept of human trafficking, causes and consequences, and the most common forms of exploitation related to it.

“Geopolitical and economic changes, poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunities in countries of origin, insecurity, humanitarian crisis, discrimination and demand for cheap exploitative labour in countries of destination, are among the primary causes that lead to smuggling and trafficking in human beings. As a result, persons being subjected to trafficking are most likely to be exploited in prostitution, forced labour or services, slavery, delinquency, forced marriages, illegal adoptions and removal of organs,” said the leading expert and trainer, Mr. Saud Kadic, Deputy Commander of Police Station at Ljubljana Airport.

New criminal patterns and trends make human trafficking less visible, and for that reason the training focuses on exploring different possible scenarios of human trafficking. Trained police officers will also advance their skills for identification of potential traffickers and victims of trafficking.

Human rights perspective is fundamental for the analysis of Trafficking in Human Beings and for development of effective responses, in line with the activities for re-socialization and reintegration of victims of trafficking, and the rights and obligations of the foreigners accommodated in the Reception Centre for Foreigners.

In order to reach to wider relevant audiences, in the course of next week the FICB PS Project will organize a Student Debate on the topic of human trafficking, involving students from the Faculty of Law and Faculty for Security. The student debate is organized in cooperation with the Border Police, IOM and the Faculty of Law in Skopje.

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