Police Officials on a Study Visit Related to Strategic Border Management in three EU countries

The EU-funded project for "Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service (FICB PS)" organized a five-day Study Visit for high officials of the Public Security Bureauand the Ministry of Interior, representing the Department for Border Affairs and Migration, the Unit for Strategic Planning, Standards and Control of Quality, the Sector for Crime Intelligence and Analysis, the IT Department and the Police Training Centre. The Study Visit, which was undertaken from 9 to 13 May 2016, is the first to include three European countries in one take - hosted by Slovenia’s General Police Directorate, but covering also Italy and Austria in terms of practical cooperation and functioning of the Integrated Border Management Concept.

The delegation of seven members, headed by project’s team-leader Mr. Aleksander Krebl, accompanied by the Director of the Public Security Bureau Mr. Gorance Savovski, has dedicated the first two days of the Study Visit to conduct strategic level meetings in Ljubljana with their counterparts from Slovenia’s General Police Directorate.

The topics presented and discussed by both parties were related to: risk analysis and flow of information, IT support for policing purposes, efficient and effective border policing, basic and continuous in-service police training, and control of quality of the police work.

“The aim of the study tour was to allow the beneficiaries of the FICB PS project to get first-hand insight and learn from the best regional and EU practices, both on strategic planning level and operational practical functioning on the field, which also includes a well-developed trilateral coordination system among neighbouring countries. It is important to highlight that these models cannot be simply replicated, but can serve as a basis of good practices that can be considered and adapted within the domestic police service,” said Project’s team-leader Mr. Aleksander Krebl.

Director of PSB, Mr. Gorance Savovski had a bilateral meeting with his Slovenian counterpart, General Police Director Mr. Marjan Fank, to discuss concrete activities and future cooperation in frames of the project. Slovenian Police Director was also informed about recent developments with the migrants on the southern border with Greece, where the cooperation with the Slovenian police teams deployed there is running in perfect order.

Three filed visits were organized in Slovenia - one in the Police Training Center in Tacen, another visit to the Border Crossing Pointin Dragojna, and tothe Centre for Foreigners in Postojna.

In Trieste, Italy the PSB delegation had meetings with representatives of the Prefettura responsible for strategic planning, including the Italian Carabinieri, as well as representatives of the Questura, the Provincial Authority of Public Security in charge of operational planning.

The agenda also envisaged visit to the Trilateral Cooperation Centre of Tarvisio-Thörl-Maglern, situated at the former border crossing between Slovenia, Italy and Austria. The Trilateral Cooperation Centre unites Border Police Services of the three countries, enabling rapid and efficient data sharing. According to PSB Director Savovski, one of the best features of the Trilateral Cooperation Centre is its operational focus, whereas fast sharing of information is providing results in detecting illegal or crime related activities along border lines. “The experiences and good practices gathered here would be of great benefit for strengthening the capacities for more efficient exchange of information with police services of our neighboring countries,” said Director Savovski.

The PSB delegation had an opportunity to be presented with the mobile police station called “Schengen Bus” equipped with all necessary computer equipment and devices that allow for full on-the-spot check-up of people and vehicles. Slovenia’s Special Units for Border Control are currently using total of seven “Schengen Buses”.

General conclusion following the Study Visit is that in order to achieve more efficient everyday policing and more rapid police response, the Public Security Bureau needs to fully integrate and increase the usage of modern IT tools and applications within all police branches. 

Considering that one of the main goals of the Study Visit was to enable transfer of knowledge and experiences obtained, post-visit training sessions will be organized so the delegation members will pass on the knowledge and good practices identified to their colleagues from the Border Police and the Departments for criminal intelligence analysis, IT and strategic planning within PSB. The post-visit training sessions will also facilitate further discussion and planning on how these good practices could be integrated into a model that can work best for the Public Security Bureau.

See article published on the Slovenian Police Service website

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