Training for Border Police on Trafficking in Drugs with Focus on Profiling of Criminals

Assigned representatives of the Department for Border Affairs and Migration within the Public Security Bureau took part in the training on Trafficking in Drugs with particular focus on profiling of the persons dealing with these kinds of criminal activities, organized in frames of the project for “Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service”.    

The training was organized in two cycles: Training of Trainers - from 9 to 13 May at the Training Center in Idrizovo, conducted by two Slovenian border management experts, Mr. Bostjan Lindav and Mr. Joze Senica; and consecutive training for border police officers representing respective Regional Centres for Border Affairs and Migration, organized from 16 to 20 May 2016 and conducted by officers trained in the first cycle.

The training programme was designed to put focus on profiling, selection and inspection of persons and their means of transport, with an aim to strengthen and improve border police officer’s operational skills for detection of drug trafficking.

Beside the in-depth analysis of the phenomena of trafficking in drugs and the special focus on profiling of offenders, the training also incorporated review of the EU/Schengen legal and regulatory framework, the common characteristics and anomalies indicating trafficking in drugs, the vertical and horizontal flow of information, as well as the aetiology of trafficking in drugs which is most often associated with organized crime, terrorism, white-collar crime etc.

The training also included a practical exercise for use of methods and techniques for checking the suspected driver, as well as thorough inspection of a vehicle, to reveal potential illegal trafficking in drugs across the borders.

Following the completion of the two cycles of training, the transfer of knowledge will continue with on-the-job training to cover representatives of all Police Stations for Border Surveillance/Border Checks, using the curriculum, training material and handoutsprepared in frames of the project by the experts Bostjan Lindav and Joze Senica.

This training was part of the Component 1 of the FICB PS project for “Strengthening the Operational Capacities of the Border Police in the Fight against Trafficking”.


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