Project Conducts Training in Operational Planning of Police Activities in the Field

Training of trainers for "Operational Planning of Police Activities in the Field" took place from 9 to 13 May 2016 in the Training Centre in Idrizovo, conducted by an esteemed international police expert from Germany. The emphasis of the training was put on advancing police officers’ skills for efficient planning of police operations with specific focus on securing massive sportsevents (football), public gatherings and manifestations.

The five-days training course was based on the “Handbook for Operational Planning” developed in frames of the “Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service” in September 2015, that establishes standard police procedures for maintaining public peace and order, as well as additional police security services mirroring the “EU Concept of Police Planning” on both operational and tactical level.  

Central topics of the training referred, amongst others, to: the general and particular organizational structures; the use of ‘Sectors of Operation’ within specific police operations; management cycle of police operations; principles of leadership along with basic guidelines for police operations; and the importance and advantage of “debriefing” after completed police operations.

Special attention was dedicated on the issue of “Identifying and assessing risks”, which is fundamental for the decision making process, and will influence the success or failure of the police operation in the field.

The objective of the training of trainers was to strengthen police officers’ existing skills in operational planning, but most importantly to increase their abilities for transfer of knowledge to colleagues responsible for planning of police operations. This approach follows the well-established cascade principle, which enables the Public Security Bureau to widen and strengthen their capabilities by own training personnel. 

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