Practical Police Procedure Program to Assist Police Officers in Continuous Professional Improvement

In frames of the EU funded project for "Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service", a Program for Practical Police Procedures was presented in the course of several sessions that took place throughout the country between 9 and 14 June 2016. The practical procedures program sessions were conducted by an esteemed police training expert, Mr. Damjan Zagar, Head of the Police Training Center of Slovenia and the Team-leader of the project Mr. Aleksander Krebl, pioneer of Practical Police Procedures Program in Slovenia since 1996.

The sessions for Practical Police Procedures focused on appropriate execution of police powers and practical procedures during police work, and it covered all Sectors for Internal Affairs and Border Police Regional Centers in the country.

Тhe Program’s objective is to enable consolidation of police officers’ theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, in orderto achieve lawful, highly professional, effective, safe and attuned execution of police powers in practice and in self-defense. Furthermore, this program aims to ensure the development of unified procedures for execution of police powers, enabling police officers to acquire and maintain adequate physical and mental capabilities.   

“In Slovenia, for example, the Practical Police Procedure is part of the continuous in-service training and is obligatory forevery police officer with police powers, who must attend it for at least 8 hours per month. It is designed in a way to encourage police officers to identify eventual errors in police procedures by themselves, and analyze real examples and situations. Besides keeping them fit, these sessions are essential for continuous improvement of police practice, because it not only allows police officers to detect potential mistakes and provide possible solutions, but it also raises their awareness and brings them closer to the citizens,” said Slovenian police expert, Mr. Damjan Zagar.  

The conducted sessions of the Practical Police Procedures Program have incorporated the following elements: lawful and professional conduct and respect for human rights, freedoms and ethical principles in police procedures; decrease of injuries caused by police officers and other persons during the police procedures; improvement of communication skills, physical and mental capabilities of police officers.

As Mr. Zagar pointed out, the most important feature of the Practical Police Procedures Program is to be conveyed in a transparent way in order to present a learning opportunity for the members of the police. And above all, being an integral part of the continuous in-service training for all police officers in the country, the Practical Police Procedures Program will undoubtedly contribute to increasing of the quality and effectiveness of police work.

The Practical Police Procedures Program sessions took place in Bitola, Regional Center West (Ohrid), Tetovo, Regional Center North (Skopje), Strumica, Veles, Regional Center South (Kavadarci), Štip and Regional Center East (Delcevo). 

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