Public Security Bureau Delegation Visits Slovenia to Perform Screening of the Staff Recruitment System

Delegation of the Public Security Bureau (PSB) consisted of Assistant Directors and Heads of Departments, led by the project’s Team-leader Aleksander Krebl, from 21 to 22 July 2016 visited Slovenia to perform screening of the Slovenian system of recruitment of staff in the police, as well as of the merit-based career system in place.The PSB delegation attended a two-day workshop in the Police Academy Tacen in Ljubljana on the topic “Thematic or specific recruitment in the police and the measurement of the career system”.

This visit was undertaken in frames of the project’s activity for “Preparation of Recommendations for Recruitment of Staff in the PSB”. Police expert and Head of Human Resources at the Slovenian Ministry of Interior, Mr. Robert Kos, presented the organizational structure of the Slovenian Police at central, regional and local level, as well as review of the existing legislature related to police organization and recruitment of staff.

The discussions with Slovenian counterparts lead to the conclusion that the systems of the two countries have a lot of structural similarities, but also a number of differences; for example, the Police in Slovenia operate with substantial independence from the Ministry of Interior. Another significant difference is that, according to Slovenian laws, every future police officer has to sign a legal statement confirming that s/he is not a member of any political party in the country, which prevents possible political influence over the police service.

“The PSB delegation had an opportunity to get closely acquainted with the procedures and qualifications required for staff recruitment in Slovenian police service. The Slovenian model envisages two years of basic police training, opposed to one year of training that cadets attend in the Training Center in Idrizovo. Furthermore, from the moment new cadets enter the Police Academy they receive monthly payments, and after successful completion of the basic training they will be employed in the Slovenian Police,” said project’s team-leader Mr. Aleksander Krebl.

He also noted that there is another category of police service employees with more specialized expertise that have to undertake a “Criminalist Course” of 4 months, designed for professionals that will continue their careers as financial crime investigators, forensic examiners, IT specialists, etc.

One of the perceived advantages of the Slovenian system is successful implementation of the merit based career system, which besides the general requirements for specific working position, sets an array of specific requirements that must be met if a police official strives to advance in the hierarchy.

By the end of August 2016, in frames of the project a comparative analysis based on which a framework proposal for revised model for staff recruitment and advancement in career will be developed. This proposal shall also include recommendations for improvement of the legislation and the practice.

“It is crucial to emphasize,” said Mr. Krebl “that these objectives cannot be achieved in the course of several months, and that the process of revision and improvement of the PSB recruitment system will require long-term commitment and continuous support by the Ministry of Interior.

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