Safe Driving Handbook for Traffic Police and Practical Course for Safe Driving in Slovenia

Total of 10 police officers representing the departments for road safety of all SIAs in the country, travelled to Slovenia to attend practical course for safe driving that took place on 17 and 18 of October on the driving polygon in the town of Logatec.

This training, organized by the EU-funded project for “Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service” together with the Head of the driving polygon in Logatec, Mr. Aleš Rodič, had a goal to improve traffic police officers’ skills for safe driving in various situations and under different safety conditions.

Granted that police officers often drive faster than normal driving speeds when pursuing traffic or criminal offenders or when rushing to a destination where their presence is needed, being aware of the risks, the road, traffic and weather conditions, possible distractions and reactions of other vehicles, is of utmost importance for achieving safety for themselves and for other participants in the traffic.

During the practical training at the polygon in Logatec, the three experienced practitioners and driving instructors, Brane Küzmič, Metod Kurent and Samo Rep, addressed several key topics in the area of safe driving: Correct setting of the seating position in vehicle; Correct positioning of the steering wheel and posture of the driver; Emergency breaking at different speeds (30 km/h and 60 km/h) and on different surfaces; Emergency breaking and avoiding obstacles with and without ABS brakes; Driving a car with small wheels on rear axle (first exercise for reaction in oversteered car) and reaction on kick plate (second exercise for reaction in oversteered car), and last but not least - evaluation of proper safety distance between two moving vehicles.

In frames of this project activity, a “Safe Driving Handbook for Traffic Police” has been developed by the experienced traffic police officer from Slovenia, Mr. Tine Prevec. The Handbook is designed to provide police officers with a detailed insight into different driving techniques, as well as passive and active safety features. It is organized in 22 chapters, most of which are dedicated to driving a car, and several focus on riding a motorcycle.

“If this Handbook helps prevent at least one traffic accident and police officers being injured, it most certainly will serve its purpose. Furthermore, it is also important to note that every police officer should strictly follow traffic regulations and present a good example for other drivers. Citizens will reasonably expect that the police officers who issue fines for traffic violations, should act in accordance with the Law on Traffic Safety and other regulations which they enforce,” said the author of the Handbook, Mr. Prevec.

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