The EU Funded Project for Further Development of the Police Finalized with Success

The "Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service" project, funded by the European Union through IPA 2010, had a goal to provide strategic support to the Ministry of Interior and the Public Security Bureau in developing a police service that would be compatible with the best EU practices, that enjoys the confidence of all citizens and has the competency for rapid and effective police response to all possible challenges. 

During the two years of implementation, the project team was tasked to assist the Public Security Bureau in increasing the operational efficiency of the Border Police, strengthening the capacities for fight against organized crime, including financial and cyber-crime, developing anti-corruption standards within different police branches, as well as developing skills for the uniformed police officers for efficient and effective daily policing.

Three well experienced key-experts and total of 59 national and international short-term experts, have worked on developing strategic documents and action plans, advancing police procedures, expanding police officers’ knowledge and upgrading of their technical and practical skills through carefully tailored trainings programs.

The project has organized and conducted 83 trainings in the areas of efficient border management and control, investigative techniques for cyber-crime, financial crime, digital forensics, practical procedures and operational planning in the field, public peace and order, management and leadership styles, handling cases of domestic violence, community policing, traffic control, insight in traffic accidents, etc., covering total of 2597 police officers throughout the country.

The most significant document produced in frames of the project - the “Police Development Strategy 2016-2020”, envisions development of a proactive model of intelligence-led policing, simplification of the organizational structure and advancement of the work methodology, which all at all will provide higher level of protection of life, property and personal security of citizens.

“With the delivery of the Police Development Strategy, along with an Action plan for its implementation, and with the series of trainings conducted and curricula developed, this project has set solid foundations for future development of a modern police in line with the European standards. Yet, building of a modern police service is possible only with true dedication and willingness of every police officer, and unequivocal support by leading political stakeholders, as well as the international community,” emphasized the project’s team-leader Mr. Aleksander Krebl.

In addition, four study visits were carried out under the auspices of the project, related to: EU police structural organization, Integrated Border Management, EU standardized forensic laboratories, and merit based career system and recruitment of staff. The study visits provided the participants with first-hand practical experience to complement their theoretical knowledge, as well as better understanding of the EU standards, methods and approaches.

The project, implemented by B&S Europe Consortium in the period between December 2014 and November 2016, in close partnership with the Beneficiary - the Ministry of Interior, had total fund of EUR 1.730.309.

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