Project Team Starts Consultation Round Referring the New Police Development Strategy 2016-2020

As one of the FICB PS project's fundamental documents, the new Police Development Strategy is moving towards finalization, the project team led by the team-leader Mr. Aleksander Krebl, has initiated a broad consultation process with all heads of police sectors, as well as with various external stakeholders – from state institutions to international organizations and civil society sector.

The Police Development Strategy (PDS) includes updated findings about the present conditions in the Public Security Bureau, and responds to the assessed needs for improvement with concrete recommendations and an Action plan.

The most recent presentation of project’s goals and of the Police Development Strategy’s final draft was held yesterday in the Chamber for Private Security, at a meeting with Chamber’s President. The police and the private security agencies often face situations, like sports events, riots or protests, where either coordinated action is needed or a clear distinction of duties should be secured. One of the specific goals in the PDS reflects particularly to this matter and proposes solutions.

In the course of the last two weeks the FICB PS project team conducted presentation meetings with the Council of Europe Project Office in Skopje, as well as with NGOs Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCMS) and the Office of the Helsinki Committeefor Human Rights. Meetings with representatives of the academia are also taking place.

The purpose of this inclusive approach is to obtain the views and suggestion coming from entities with diverse perspectives and experiences, and take into consideration constructive arguments before the strategy is concluded. To this point the Strategy is generally perceived as a comprehensive and well-crafted document, the implementation of which will undoubtedly help advance the work of the Public Security Bureau.

The new Police Development Strategy was developed by an international team of experts engaged in the FICB PS project, while its implementation is envisaged for the period 2016-2020. Its overall objective incorporates four main elements: resource management, community policing, process excellence, and learning and growth.

It is expected that the Strategy will be finalized within several weeks and presented to the wider public on a central promotional event by the end of 2015.


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