New Police Development Strategy Presented to President Dr. Gjorge Ivanov

In frames of the initiated consultation process toward finalization of the new Police Development Strategy 2016-2020, FICB PS project team met with the President of the country, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov.

This Strategy, as the Team-leader Aleksander Krebl explained, has been developed following an extensive field research and interview sessions on central, regional and local levels, with representatives of the Public Security Bureau, municipal authorities, political parties and other relevant institutions, to identify ongoing problems and assess present needs.

In that regard, the project’s team of international experts conceptualized six strategic goals in a clear and exact manner, putting particular focus on the Action plan and feasible budgeting for its implementation. The issues of integrity, police ethics and sense of belonging among the police officers of all branches, are equally considered.

President Ivanov underlined that the Strategy for further development of the police is delivered in the right moment, especially when it comes to further modernization and technical advancement of the police service in line with current global trends. He acknowledged the Strategy’s holistic approach and noted that special emphasis should be put on the Community Policing concept which strives to bring the Police closer to the citizens.

“Regretfully, the Police is still perceived as conservative and closed institution, a repressive force that is rather punishing instead of protecting the citizens. There is a profound need to change this general mindset, and that can only be achieved if every police officer respects the three core values: ethics, professionalism and transparency,” – President Ivanov said.

He highlighted that the Police reform can only be successful if police officers are trained and encouraged to follow these values in everyday work, while maintaining physical and moral fitness.

The President supports the career merit based system incorporated in the Police Development Strategy, and stressed that in order for the Police Service to be resistant to potential political influences, the standards and the criteria for recruitment of police officers must be raised.

The Police Development Strategy is one of the key documents developed in frames of the project “Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service in the Area of Border Management, Community Policing and Fight against Organized Crime”, funded by the European Union. Its finalization and public presentation is envisaged for December 2015.


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