Anti-corruption Workshop for Identifying Risk Indicators for Corruptive Behavior of Police Officers

The team of experts from the EU funded project "Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service" organized a series of Anti-corruption workshops the purpose of which was to identify risk indicators and provide solutions for tackling corruption in police service.

In the course of last week, four separate workshops were held with representatives of four different police branches: the Traffic Police, Police of General Competency, Border Police and the Department for Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime, on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 13th of November respectively.

The participants in the workshops, coming from central, regional and local level, were assigned different tasks to work in groups and come out with own assessments as to: how the corruption in police service looks like, what are the possible reasons for corruption - active and passive, who are the possible victims and offenders, and what are the means of law enforcement to prevent and mitigate corruption.

Through self-study, practical exercise and discussion, the participants were encouraged to identify, summarize and share corruption risks that come out of their own practice and experience, and that have direct relevance to their working environments in the four police branches.

The detailed discussions led to the conclusion that continuous training for fight against corruption is of key importance. It was also emphasized that the currently dominant action led police leadership style should be replaced with transformational police leadership style that can help decrease potential corruptive behavior of police officers.

The findings and risk indicators identified during the anti-corruption workshops will be analyzed and included in the Anti-corruption Needs Assessment Report and the Anti-corruption Program, being developed in frames of the FICB PS project.

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