Full implementation of the project "Further Institution and Capacity Building of the Police Service (FICB PS) in the Area of Border Management, Community Policing and Fight against Organized Crime" will result in increased operational efficiency of the Border police, strengthened capacities of the Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime Department for secure and efficient handling of classified information and fight against organized crime, including financial and cyber-crime, developed skills of the uniformed police officers for efficient and effective daily policing, as well as developed anti-corruption standards within different police branches in the Ministry of Interior.

The key strategic documents being developed in frames of the FICB PS project are the following:


Police Development Strategy

This strategic document is compatible with the best practices of European police services and their common standards, whereas its overall objective incorporates four main components: resource management, community policing, process excellence, and learning and growth. Consistent implementation of the PDS will lead to building of a police service that enjoys the confidence of all citizens in the country, protects and respects the fundamental rights and freedoms, and has the competency for rapid and effective police response to all possible challenges.

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Anti-corruption Program

The existence of corruption practices represents a major challenge to the effective operational capacity of the Police Service. Upon undertaken comprehensive analyses of the current anti-corruption practice in the Public Security Bureau, the FICB PS team of experts drafted Anti-Corruption Program that gives proposals for prevention and criminal prosecution of corruption.


The results that FICB PS project aims to achieve relate to the project activities envisaged under each of the four components, and in the period from December 2014 to date the following has been accomplished:

• Needs Assessment report for Police Development Strategy

Police Development Strategy 2016-2020 and Action Plan 

• Needs Assessment Report for the Border Police

• Draft Anti-corruption Programme - completed and shared for review with the Beneficiary

• Needs Assessment for Border Police development

• Border Police Strategy and Action Plan

• Draft New Risk Management Concept prepared, along with Methodology for determination of border staff positions

• Concept proposal on tackling Outstanding Border related situations

• Needs assessment report and recommendations for crime investigations and for managing classified information

• Training needs assessment and Curriculum on cyber-crime investigations

• Training needs assessment and Curriculum for financial investigations

• Needs Assessment report on Operational Planning

• Draft Manual for Operational Planning of the police activities in the field

Training of trainers for Operational Planning of Police Activities in the Field and maintaining public peace and order (9-13 May, 2016)

• Draft Community Policing Strategy

• Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessment

• Training Needs Assessment Report and draft Curriculum for continuous in-service training

Training on Performing Insight in Traffic Accidents, covering over 300 police officers throughout the country (16 Oct - 4 Dec, 2015)

• Curriculum and training for Border Police on Risk Analysis and the new Risk Management Concept (7-18 March, 2016)

Training for Vehicles Control in Traffic, with a practical hands-on exercise for application of the “Stinger” spike system for deflating tires of fleeing vehicle (21-25 March, 2016)

Advanced Level Training for Financial Crimes Investigation (28-30 March and 4-8 April, 2016)

• Curriculum and trainings for Efficient Border Patrolling (4-7 April, 2016)

• Curriculum and training for the Border Police on the topic of Smuggling Migrants and Trafficking in Human Beings (18-22 April, 2016)

Student Debate on the topic “Trafficking in Human Beings – 21st Century Slavery” at the Faculty of Law in Skopje, uniting students of Law and students from the Faculty for Security (27 April, 2016)

Study visit for high officials of the Public Security Bureau related to Strategic Border Management, in three EU countries - Slovenia, Italy and Austria (9-13 May, 2016)

• Curriculum and training for Border Police on Trafficking in Drugs with particular focus on profiling of the persons dealing with these kinds of criminal activities (9-13 May, 2016)

Training of trainers for Financial Crimes Investigation (9-20 May, 2016)

• Draft recommendation and methodology for reinforced cooperation between Border Police and other organizational units within MoI and efficient exchange of information

• Analysis of the existing legal framework and preparation of amendments or new legal acts which will provide administrative, physical and IT safety of the classified information

• Draft recommendations for secure flow and efficient exchange of classified information in real time among the central, regional and local level

• Draft Methodology on the managing of archived classified information

• Draft analysis on the functioning of the established data base on counterfeit currency and recommendation for its improvement

• Draft gap analysis of the functioning of the Counterfeit currency central office and recommendation for better efficiency and cooperation with other respective agencies

• Methodologies (SOP's) on the functioning of the Counterfeit currency central office and the usage of data base on counterfeit currency, entering/recording of data, access and usage of the data from the data-base, exchange of information among other respective state agencies including the National bank, from the moment of detection (notification) of the criminal activity until the PPO prosecution

• Program for Practical Police Procedures, presented in the course of several sessions covering all Sectors for Internal Affairs and Border Police Regional Centers in the country (9-14 June, 2016)

• Training for Border Police for detection of forged documents and smuggled vehicles (20-24 June, 2016)

• Recommendation for Recruitment of Staff in the Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime Department (SOSCD), and expanded to cover the Public Security Bureau

• New Methodology for Classified Information Protection Management

• Study visit for Assistant Directors and Heads of Departments to perform screening of the Slovenian Staff Recruitment System and the merit based career system

• Training for Police Management and Leadership Styles, and further implementation of the concept of Community Policing (4-29 July, 2016)

• Training for Advancing Police Officers’ Communication Skills in Handling Cases of Domestic Violence (29-31 August, 2016)

• Guide for Police Officers to Enhance Interviewing and Evidence Collection Skills in Cases of Domestic Violence

• Public Discussion and presentation of the Guide for enhanced response to domestic violence in Bitola, with police officers from all over the country and representatives of the civil society

• Training for representatives of the Sector for Cybercrime and Digital Forensics with focus on digital evidence recovery techniques (29 Aug - 9 Sep, 2016)

Study Visit to Slovenia’s National Forensic Laboratory

• Training dedicated to the methodology for developing Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessment (SOCTA).

• Handbook for Conducting Investigations in the Area of Cyber-crime and Securing of Electronic Evidence

• Online Registration System for cybercrime criminal acts and inappropriate contents on the Internet

• Gap analysis and recommendation for improvement of the overall MoI system for financial investigations

• Publication for internal use “Case Studies – Documenting Criminal Acts in the Area of Financial Crime, Money Laundering and Conducting Financial Investigations”

• Handbook for Traffic Police for Safe Driving, and practical training for safe driving in Logatec Training Polygon, Slovenia

• Handbook for Detecting and Investigating Money Forgery


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